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Arachnid Cabinets warranties our cabinet shells, speaker baffles and rear input jack panel


Eminence Speakers LLC. offers a 7 YEAR WARRANT on ALL speakers.

Arachnid Cabinets cannot warranty Tolex, Duratex, Handles, Casters, Corners

Input jacks, LED Strips, LED Control Modules, Grille Cloth, Art Mesh.  These are all things that tend to eventually become worn through normal play, travel wear and tear and occasional negligence.  


Arachnid Cabinets will not warranty a cabinet if there is blatant abuse inflicted upon it by the customer.

Arachnid Cabinets will not warranty speakers if they have been removed and replaced.

Arachnid Cabinets will not warranty cabinets if customer heavily modifies cabinet in any way.

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