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From our superior dovetail joinery, Marine Grade, BB/BB Baltic Birch ply and our included Duratex coating, everything about an Arachnid will leave your tone sounding fatter, clearer and give you all the bite in ALL the right places.  The proof is in the pudding from all our Brand Ambassadors to the fest promoters, who time and time again, trust their backline sound to Arachnid Cabinets.  



No other company has ever given a customer this much control over the final aesthetic and personality of a speaker cabinet the way Arachnid Cabinets has.  Just like spiders in the wild Arachnid has delivered some of the most eye catching upgrade features on the market.  Also just like spiders, no matter how you decide to finish yours people will know it's an Arachnid.  

Bass Cabinets

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