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Shipping costs are calculated after the build is complete.  Since Arachnid Cabinets are built to customer preference sizes and weight can differentiate from build to build.  


All Cabinets under 140 pounds are shipped via UPS.  All other cabinets above 150 lbs are shipped via freight.  Freight companies may vary based off of competing rates


If Cabinets arrive with intact packaging (no visible signs of abuse from shipping company) and are non-functioning Arachnid Cabinets will assume all financial costs for return shipping and reshipment back out to customer.


Arachnid Cabinets is not liable for excessive damage to cabinet caused by shipping company.  Please do not accept or open if package has visible damage.   Arachnid Cabinets is not financially responsible to reimburse customer for damages if package has been accepted and opened.

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