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At Arachnid Cabinets we are committed to using only the best materials and best construction methods.



  • 18mm Baltic Birch is the ultimate choice of ply for high end guitar and bass cabs.  Its rigid properties, virtually void free construction and hardness make it ideal for the cabinets of working class musicians. 

  • Why is being void free so important?  MDF is porous as well as cheaper "Birch" ply's found at your big box hardware stores.  Over the years, porous materials have been explored for vibration damping and isolation. Due to the non-uniformity in the structure, porous materials fail to predict the vibration energy absorption and the associated oscillation behavior, as well as other the mechanical properties.  Porous materials can cause infiltration and exfiltration of air.  Simply put, this is air that can escape or enter the structure that is NOT part of the design.

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  • The dovetail joint is quite strong because of how the pins and tails got shaped. Since the tails and pins fit snugly together, separating them will be almost impossible if you glue them together. For this reason, this joint gets often utilized in constructing boxes like jewelry boxes, cabinets, drawers, and many other pieces of furniture that necessitate strength. 

  • The snug fit of the dovetail, again, helps create the air tight construction.  This tightness is integral and eliminating infiltration and exfiltration through the joinery.  Again, air that hasn't been purposely designed into the system 


  • DuraTex® is America’s #1 Speaker Cabinet Coating designed to provide beauty and protection to wood speaker cabinets and road cases. It’s a superior performance Texture Coating that’s easy to apply, beautiful and tough.

  • DuraTex®  has tremendous adhesion to wood and other substrates. It rolls on easily with our special texture roller to create a tough, beautiful, weather-resistant, and easily maintained texture surface. For a smooth finish, apply with a smooth foam roller. DuraTex will cover up to 100 square feet per gallon in multiple coats or up to 200 square feet per gallon in a single-coat application.

  • DuraTex® is a blend of highly technical polymers and special LOW V.O.C. coalescents for creating beautiful, high-relief, durable textures. DuraTex® requires no special primers because it’s self-priming.



  • Eminence Speaker manufactures high-quality audio components for professional and consumer applications with worldwide distribution. The company is known for unparalleled expertise in speaker technology, setting the industry standard for acoustic performance and innovation. Eminence has successfully worked with leading audio equipment manufacturers, including Yamaha, Bosch, QSC, Fender, Harman, Klipsch, Biamp, and Danley as well as industrial clients such as Federal Signal, Soundoff Signal, Technomad, and Bongiovi Aviation. 


  • Founded in 1924, Celestion has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturers of loudspeakers.

  • Responsible for the first ever dedicated guitar speaker, Celestion drivers have become the ‘voice of rock & roll’, delivering many of the most memorable performances by guitarists including Jimi Hendrix and Slash through to the current crop of high-octane shredders.

  • No surprise then that many of the world’s leading guitar and bass amp manufacturers consider Celestion speakers to be an integral part of their tone.

  • Celestion professional loudspeakers and compression drivers have earned an enviable global reputation for innovative design, exceptional performance and superior reliability.



  • Penn Elcom is a leading global manufacturer of quality Flight Case and Speaker Cabinet Hardware, as well as 19 Inch Racking solutions. What started in 1974 with a single manual press machine in Penn, Buckinghamshire, Penn Elcom has 50 years of experience designing product solutions for specialist industries such as Pro Audio and AV. We have over 400 machines across our manufacturing locations around the world, and depots in 18 countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and China.

  • With continuous investment in state-of-the art equipment, Penn Elcom strives to ensure we are at the forefront of product development, design and innovation, creating a vast collection of highly-rated and trusted products servicing both businesses and individuals. 

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